ESAC Board

Independent, Industry and Advisory Directors

ESAC’s board is comprised of experienced industry, service provider and regulatory professionals, and receives additional support from its legal and accounting advisors. The board and its committees are responsible for establishing ESAC’s standards and procedures, governing ESAC's programs of accreditation, financial assurance and state regulatory compliance services, and ensuring the confidentiality and security of participating PEO information.

  • Independent Directors have state or federal regulatory experience or other experience relevant to the regulation of PEOs and do not have an affiliation with any PEO.
  • Industry Directors serve as an accredited PEO officer or an executive whose area of expertise is needed on ESAC’s board.
  • Professional Advisory Directors provide services to a wide range of PEOs and possess professional expertise and experience relevant to ESAC’s mission.

Executive Committee

Bill Maness
Dale Hageman
Vice Chairman
Steve Politis
Britt Landrum III
Immediate Past Chair
Kerry Brooks

Independent Directors

Pete Fleming
Former Regional Director, Office of Unemployment Insurance, US Dept. of Labor
Bob Gross
Former Director Utah Workforce Services
Jay Morgan
Former Deputy Comm / Gen Counsel, Arkansas Insurance Dept.; Former ESAC Gen Counsel
Betty Patterson
Former Senior Assoc. Commissioner, Texas Dept. of Insurance
Wayne Quigg
Retired Florida Revenue Program Administrator

Industry Directors

Dale Hageman
CEO, Spirit HR
Lisse Kravetz
Britt Landrum III
President & CEO, LandrumHR
Heather Lohman
Andy Lubash
Bill Maness
President, Syndeo Outsourcing
Joe Mauceri
Norman Paul
SWBC PEO Services
Steve Politis
CEO, Alcott HR

Professional Advisory Directors

Todd Cohn
Fidelio Business Advisors
Allison Jones
Saltmarsh, Cleaveland and Gund
Dan McHenry
McHenry Consulting

Professional Advisors

Brian Martin
CPA and Partner, Erwin & Company
Rufus Wolff
Partner, McDaniel Wolff, PLLC

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