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How can a PEO help and why should it be accredited?

As a business owner, you need to stay focused on running and growing your company as well as recruiting and retaining top talent. Trying to also manage basic employment functions can consume too much of your valuable time.

A PEO can help. PEOs provides businesses with comprehensive and affordable HR services so you can outsource time-consuming functions such as payroll and tax processing, regulatory compliance, and workers' compensation and health benefits. PEOs can also provide large-company benefits such as 401(k) plans to give you a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining qualified employees.

Choosing a reliable PEO partner is vital and selecting your PEO from those that have been accredited by ESAC will save you time in performing your due diligence.

What are the advantages of using an accredited PEO?

Confirmed operational excellence

Accredited PEOs voluntarily undergo an extensive overview of their PEO operations at their expense. This includes ongoing verification of their compliance with more than 40 important industry standards, including quarterly verification of payments of federal and state employment taxes, health and workers' compensation premiums and retirement plan contributions.

Source of trusted advice and services Whether you need to outsource back office compliance and administrative tasks, add benefits to attract and retain the right employees or improve workforce productivity, an accredited PEO can provide the expertise, reliability and economies of scale you need to achieve your business goals.
Vetted owners and managers

Competency, honesty and reliability of accredited PEO owners and key managers are verified and monitored.

Regulatory compliance

Accreditation verifies your PEO is in compliance with important state and federal requirements and holds the necessary licensing to do business in the states where you operate.

Financial reliability

Accreditation provides the only practical way for you to verify a PEO's financial reliability and resources required to timely pay their employer fiduciary responsibilities.

Tangible financial assurance

More than $15 million in surety bond coverage (backed by an A-rated carrier and held in Trust at a national bank) protects you and your worksite employees in the unlikely event of a default by your PEO to pay wages, payroll taxes, employee retirement plan contributions or workers' compensation and health insurance premiums. ESAC has been operating since 1995 without a single accredited PEO default.

Continuous due diligence

Your PEO's accreditation – including compliance with comprehensive financial, operational and ethical requirements — is independently verified on a quarterly basis. You can monitor accreditation status by clicking on the ESAC logo on your PEO's website or the verify accreditation link on this site. ESAC will proactively notify you if your PEO's accreditation is terminated.

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Nearly 73% of all PEO industry wages are paid by ESAC accredited PEOs. Accreditation matters when choosing a reliable PEO partner!

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