Why should your PEO be accredited?

Proven reliability!
Accredited PEOs demonstrate their commitment to excellence by voluntarily requesting ESAC’s independent confirmation of their adherence to industry financial, ethical and operational standards.
With accredited PEOs paying nearly 73% of all industry wages, ESAC accreditation is the gold standard for PEO reliability and financial assurance. Accredited PEOs benefit from the resulting confidence in their services as well as significant regulatory compliance and competitive advantages. 

Accreditation gives you the
Competitive Edge!

Accredited PEOs value their strong competitive sales and client retention advantages along with ESAC’s marketing tools designed to send leads your way.

Accreditation gives you the
Compliance Edge!

Accredited PEOs have the advantage of access to ESAC’s comprehensive regulatory compliance tools developed to make multi-state compliance easy and efficient.

Accreditation Inspires Confidence

Accreditation gives your PEO well-deserved recognition as an industry leader and, through your proven reliability, inspires trust and confidence in your services.

Your PEO’s accreditation establishes you as a leader committed to growing reliability and trust in the PEO industry.


Your PEO’s team takes pride in the fact that their company is an industry leader.


Your PEO’s clients and prospects are confident in your PEO’s reliability based on your voluntary participation in ESAC’s accreditation processes.


Accreditation increases your credibility with your vendors and can serve as a positive influence in your corporate financial opportunities.

Due Diligence

Your prospects' trusted legal and financial advisors quickly understand accreditation’s role as the standard for due diligence for a PEO relationship.


ESAC’s Client Assurance Program provides tangible assurances to your clients through more than $15 million in surety bond coverage.

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In a recent study, accreditation was described as an important factor in over 80% of accredited PEO sales. Prospects required accreditation in 15% of those sales!

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ESAC’s accreditation and financial assurance services provide confirmation of a PEO’s financial, ethical and operational reliability.
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