Frequently Asked Questions

... from regulatory agencies
Following are a few frequently asked questions from agencies that regulate PEOs.
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What is the cost of ESAC services to our agency?
ESAC's services are provided at no charge to regulatory agencies.
Will our agency lose the authority to regulate PEOs in our state if we use ESAC's services?

Your agency will retain full authority to regulate PEOs operating in your state and will also gain more frequent updates of key information, additional financial assurance and an extra layer of independent compliance verification.

Can our agency access accredited PEO data required for our records?
Upon authorization by each accredited PEO, ESAC's secure eMac (Electronic Multi-state Application & Compliance) system will be made available to authorized regulators for review and access of key PEO data.
How much of the PEO industry is represented by accredited PEOs?

Nearly 73% of all PEO industry wages are paid by ESAC accredited PEOs.

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