Regulatory Agencies and PEO Compliance

What are ESAC's benefits and services?
ESAC provides state agencies that license or register PEOs with free access to its extensive regulatory compliance verification services. ESAC’s compliance systems give state agencies efficient online access to accredited PEO data, with services customized to meet each agency’s requirements. 

ESAC’s free services are designed to help:
  • Reduce agency staff data entry and compliance review time;
  • Agency staff with monitoring the compliance of PEOs with applicable laws and regulations; and
  • Agencies accomplish their regulatory responsibilities more efficiently.
ESAC currently provides its regulatory compliance services to 26 of the 39 state agencies that have PEO-specific licensing / registration requirements. State regulators have high reviews for ESAC's services, with an increasing number of states using ESAC's time- and cost-saving service in lieu of all or part of their licensing requirements. 

What are ESAC’s benefits to regulatory agencies?

Comprehensive multi-entity, multi-state compliance monitoring is the single most important reason that ESAC has successfully accredited both large and small PEOs — representing nearly 73% of the total industry’s service volume — since 1995 without a single financial default. 

ESAC's successful years of accreditation monitoring allow the following benefits to be provided at no cost to state regulatory agencies:

Certification of an accredited PEO’s compliance with state requirements, backed by evidence submitted by the PEOs and shared with regulators via ESAC's online eMac service
Access to an additional level of compliance verification and certification based on ESAC’s quarterly review of the multi-state operations of all PEO entities under common control

ESAC's review of PEO filings to identify and resolve most errors and omissions that otherwise would require time-consuming investigation and correction by agency staff

Customization of information shared via eMac to meet agency requirements
Millions of dollars of financial assurance provided via surety bonds not otherwise available
Early warning system that has proven to be 100% effective in predicting PEO problems before they occur
Ability for the agency to rely on ESAC’s compliance monitoring and certification to whatever degree desired
Freedom for agency staff to focus more on other PEOs that may have financial or other compliance issues

Retention of agency’s full regulatory authority for all aspects of regulation including compliance verification, investigation, discipline and licensure termination

What does ESAC's eMac service provide to regulatory agency staff?

ESAC's accreditation processes provide regulatory agencies with additional levels of PEO data and compliance verification.
This includes ongoing quarterly monitoring of compliance with required standards that escalates to monthly monitoring if a PEO has financial or other issues requiring more frequent confirmations.

ESAC provides quarterly updates to accredited PEO information, as well as immediate alerts for key PEO updates such as changes in headquarters address or responsible persons.

PEO renewal fees are forwarded by ESAC to the agency prior to each PEO’s renewal date.

Additional information from ESAC and/or the PEO is made available as required.

ESAC provides ongoing accreditation and certification of each PEO’s compliance, with online verification available.

ESAC provides written notice within 5 business days of any PEO’s accreditation termination.

Download ESAC's fact sheet to review additional details about ESAC's benefits and services and contact us to learn more about how ESAC’s accreditation and compliance monitoring services can benefit your state.

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