The Value of Accredited PEOs

What are PEOs and how do they benefit businesses in your state?
Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) provide valuable services to the small to mid-sized businesses that are the backbone of every state's economy. PEO services include access to payroll and tax payment administration, comprehensive HR benefits, workers’ compensation, compliance assistance with employment laws, and big company benefits to help attract and retain employees.
PEOs that have been accredited by ESAC provide an extra level of assurance for these businesses through ESAC's confirmation of accredited PEOs' adherence to important industry standards.

Why is PEO accreditation important?

ESAC’s programs offer businesses and regulatory agencies ongoing assurance that an accredited PEO is ethical, financially reliable, and compliant with regulatory rules and industry best practices.
Review ESAC's rigorous standards for PEO accreditation and compliance from ESAC's Standards & Procedures.

ESAC confirms that an accredited PEO and all related PEO entities meet ESAC’s financial, ethical and operational standards, including compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

ESAC confirms that an accredited PEO and all related entities under common control are financially solvent and meet key financial requirements sufficient to sustain operations.

ESAC confirms an accredited PEO is owned and operated by responsible persons with a history of honesty, law abidance and responsible financial dealings both personally and in business.

ESAC provides financial assurance via over $15M in surety bonds held in trust by a national bank for the benefit of PEO clients, employees, insurers and taxing authorities.

ESAC's time-tested accreditation services have been provided since 1995 without a single accredited PEO default.

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ESAC's comprehensive accreditation processes confirm a PEO's compliance with important industry standards and regulatory requirements.

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ESAC’s accreditation and financial assurance services provide confirmation of a PEO’s financial, ethical and operational reliability.
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