Demonstrating your PEO’s reliability is essential.

Because of the widespread promotion of IRS certification by CPEOs and the media, more prospects and clients are requiring verification of reliability. IRS certification is focused on federal employment taxes, but other employer liabilities such as employee wages, state and local employment taxes, health and workers’ compensation insurance, and retirement plan contributions are equally important. ESAC provides time-tested verification and financial assurance of all key areas of PEO reliability for both IRS certified and non-certified entities. And only accreditation ensures that all PEO entities under common ownership are financially reliable–a proven reliability advantage for accredited PEO clients and a valuable market differentiator for accredited PEOs.

Certified or non-certified, you need to be accredited.

Accreditation provides flexibility to serve clients through either a certified or non-certified entity without sacrificing the reliability verification and financial assurance that clients require. This is especially helpful for those clients who may not wish to deal with the IRS form 8973 signature requirement or whose worksite does not qualify for CPEO services.

Accreditation provides a competitive advantage.

Whether your PEO operates certified entities, non-certified entities, or both, you will be competing with CPEOs. Being able to provide services through either a certified or non-certified PEO entity is a competitive advantage, but providing independently verified reliability is a competitive necessity. Accreditation provides the comprehensive reliability verification and financial assurance needed to compete either way.

Accreditation levels the playing field.

Regardless of the age or size of your PEO, ESAC accreditation levels the playing field by demonstrating that all of your PEO entities meet the industry’s highest standards and provide the proven assurance your clients and prospects need.

State compliance is less expensive and more reliable.

ESAC saves accredited PEOs significant time and money on compliance because many states accept accreditation in lieu of licensing requirements. ESAC’s eFile and eMac services substantially reduce compliance time, costs, and fines in other states. You owe it to your bottom line to check it out.