eFile and eCal services

ESAC’s eFile and eCal services work together to simplify compliance with state regulatory filing requirements.

eCal (Electronic Calendaring, Archiving and Alerts) provides customizable calendaring and alerts for upcoming state regulatory compliance reporting requirements. eCal helps PEOs save time and money, reduce errors and late filings, simplify compliance processes and promote mutually beneficial industry/government relations.

eFile is a free service for accredited PEOs and operates in conjunction with eCal to produce multi-state regulatory compliance filings. Basic PEO information entered in a “one-touch” form is used to generate required reporting for all PEO licensing states using each state‚Äôs report forms.

eFile will greatly simplify ESAC’s accreditation processes and will also provide a valuable information management system for accredited PEOs with multiple entities operating in multiple states.