The advantages of partnering with an accredited service provider

Partnering with an accredited PEO is the only practical way for business owners to confirm proven reliability of their service provider. ESAC provides time-tested independent verification and financial assurance of all key areas of PEO reliability, and accredited service providers voluntarily undergo this verification to be accredited and bonded at their expense. This requires compliance with more than 40 industry best practices and quarterly verification of all key employer payments, including federal and state employment taxes, health and workers’ compensation premiums, and retirement plan contributions. Less than five percent of the industry has achieved this proven level of reliability.

Is a PEO right for your business?

A PEO can help your business be more successful if:

  • You need to spend more time growing your business and less time trying to keep up with constantly changing government regulations.
  • You need help attracting and retaining the right employees.
  • You’re not large enough to achieve the efficiencies and cost savings associated with large company HR benefits procurement and administration.

Choosing a reliable PEO

To verify a PEO has the services and capabilities to meet your company’s needs, look for the ESAC logo on their web site. You can also use the link above to find an accredited PEO in your state or let us help you connect with PEOs that can best serve your business needs. When you partner with an accredited PEO, you’ll be able to verify their accreditation online at any time. If accreditation of your service provider is terminated for any reason, ESAC will proactively notify you.