PEO Reliability

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The Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) serves Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), business owners and state regulatory agencies through its time-tested accreditation and financial assurance programs.

ESAC accreditation confirms a PEO’s reliability in its financial stability, ethical business conduct and regulatory compliance.

Accreditation matters to PEOs, their business clients and industry regulators!


  • Nearly 73% of the PEO industry's wages are paid through accredited PEOs
  • Over 17,000 searches for accredited PEOs have been made through ESAC's websites in the last 12 months


What is a PEO?

PEOs provide businesses with comprehensive human resource services so that their business partners can focus on increasing productivity and profitability.
PEO services include payroll processing, tax administration, benefits and workers' compensation coverage, and can also include 401(k) plans and a variety of other large-company benefits to help businesses recruit and retain qualified employees.

PEO accreditation...
what does it mean?

PEO accreditation is all about reliability. Accreditation demonstrates that a PEO meets the industry’s highest standards and has the experience and financial stability to fulfill the needs of the businesses it serves. 
Accreditation means assurance for business owners and regulatory agencies and a competitive and compliance edge for PEOs.

Employer Services
Assurance Corporation

PEO Reliability starts here.
ESAC’s accreditation and financial assurance services provide confirmation of a PEO’s financial, ethical and operational reliability.
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