Jane McCoggins

VP Communications

Jane reviews ESAC's services and requirements with PEOs interested in accreditation, assists accredited PEO sales & marketing teams with implementing their accreditation tools, supports board of director and industry projects, oversees daily corporate and accounting operations, and manages ESAC's public presence and messaging.

She started with ESAC in 1998, managing ESAC's operations and implementing the start-up of ESAC's accreditation processes along with its financial assurance program, eMac regulatory service, and additional products and services for accredited PEOs. Prior to working with ESAC, Jane managed the start-up and operations of a Small Business Incubator for the Southeastern Technology Center in Augusta, Georgia and also worked 10 years administering the in-house production of printed international journals and materials for the American Association of Petroleum Geologists in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Jane earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management and Marketing from Baylor University. She is a member of P.E.O., a philanthropic educational organization that supports women’s pursuit of higher education, and also volunteers at the local Humane Society. She loves spending time with family as well as exploring our country's history and beauty with her husband and multiple well-traveled cats.